Fashion is a phenomenon that thrills almost every aspect of life. It affects what clothes are worn, what books are read, what children are taught. Furniture business is also influenced by it: the trend is announced by cabinets with curls in the rococo style, and beds with lattice backs “hello from the 50s”.

But it is very easy to buy a coat or bag that meets the fashion trends, but to buy every year new furniture overhead. But there is a way out – you can change the decorative elements on cabinets, nightstands and dressers. What is in fashion today? These are artistic solutions, such as:

  • hand-meade,
  • metallic elements,
  • decorating with rhinestones and crystals.

Handcrafted charm

This trend breaks all records of popularity, because the use of handmade products can give individuality to any typical environment. And repetition is impossible, because all the details are cast, engraved, glued “live” – with the fingers of the master, not manipulators of the machine. Therefore, there will always be differences, but they are exactly what is valued!
Among the handles can be found products for different styles. Strict gold “squares” and “rectangles” will look great in a classic interior, sparkling roses – in romantic or art nouveau, forging with colored stones – in ethnics.

Stylish brass figures.

Metal elements give the room a certain charm. They are used not only to decorate a single item, but also to “bind” it into a single composition of the entire room furnishing. After all, pens, onlays, hooks, hangers can support some theme, such as the sea. And the details in the form of handwheels, anchors and sailboats will combine the furnishings, even if they were purchased “in a variety of ways”.

Brass is most often used to make such decor, as it has a number of advantages: it is plastic, durable, not subject to rust and easy to handle.

Brass products are easy to pick up under the existing design, as they may have different shades

Brass is an alloy whose main components are copper and zinc. The addition of a small number of other components gives it different properties. For example, 2.5% of aluminium makes you buy the colour of gold of the 583rd standard. This material is used for the production of costume jewellery, awards and furniture decor.

Figurines of this alloy can be made of graceful, with thin lines or rough, with a pronounced texture. In any case, they look stylish and expensive.

The luxury of crystals and strasses

With the glamour on the catwalks, interior designers remembered the palace style, which loves the shine of precious stones. And their substitutes for the furniture decor were used: Swarovski rhinestones, Czech glass and crystal.

Products with large sparkling inserts are suitable for interiors with plenty of gilding and furniture made of expensive wood. However, you should not think that the details with rhinestones will “fit” only in the super-chic design of a huge living room or reception hall. Such decor will be appropriate in the bedroom, bathroom, as well as in the nursery – “Princess room.

Elegant forms and luxurious materials of fittings turn furniture into a work of art.

Pens with Swarovski crystals are very different, they are made in the form:

  • romantic flowers,
  • of strict squares and rings,
  • restrained braces,
  • of intricate “monograms.”

Among them you will find suitable pieces for the interior not only in the palace and classical style, but also for rooms decorated in the spirit of romanticism, art Nouveau, art Deco and others.

So with the help of fittings you can transform furniture: give it a fashionable look, set new accents, make the “flirt” of objects that previously looked dull and faceless. And the cost of such an update will be very small.