Fourth Group

The fourth group includes overhead components used to decorate products. There are 3 types:

  • strip;
  • badge;
  • rope.

Strip items are usually of straight form. Although there are flat and ornamental analogues. Such details are used for contouring door edges and walls of lockers.

The plaques have any shape. Most widely used:

  • disks;
  • rosettes;
  • images of people and various animals.

The cord (usually threaded) is used for finishing of seats, and in some cases – the sides of furniture.

By the way, apart from the functional features, furniture fittings also differ in material. For example, previously the furniture handles were made of natural wood, but today metal or plastic is used for this purpose.

If the furniture belongs to the elite category, there are silver or gilded fittings. Alternatively, it can be covered with a material that simulates these coatings. Also, rhinestones and gems are often used for decoration.

If the fittings are made of wood, they are additionally treated with special treatment. This is done in order to give it resistance to temperature changes, sunlight and moisture.