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Style in Interior

Style defines the concept of all repairs: the choice of flooring, finishing materials, furniture, decorative elements.

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Straight from the U.S. came the style of design interior loft. His idea came from the design of various factories and industrial premises.

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Scandinavian Style

It would be strange not to mention it, talking about the most popular directions in design. The information field has been filled with everything about the Scandinavian style in recent years, not only in the interior, but also in the worldview and way of life.

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Here, of course, I would like to start with the history of the emergence of this style, but it is very difficult to trace. Minimalism has developed throughout the history of architecture, and in one way or another was used in the design of residential and non-residential premises.


Furniture fittings is a list of additional elements used for furniture production. Depending on the construction, functions and appearance, the following types of furniture fittings are distinguished.

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First Group

The first group includes mechanisms used for connecting products and their subsequent fixation.

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Second Group

The second category is the components that change the properties of furniture.

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Group Three

The third group includes details that help to transfer furniture from one state to another.

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Fourth Group

The fourth group includes overhead components used to decorate products.

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